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At Donnelly we understand that whether restoration is planned or a reaction to flooding, fire, or other incident that it is a major undertaking for your family. The end results will speak for themselves - but we want to be respectful of your lives during the process as well. We can make the following commitments to you:

  • No Sub-Contractors - Many of your current problems are undoubtedly due to improper supervision of sub-contractors. Donnelly provides an experienced project manager, foreman, and an experienced crew of Donnelly employees. Who else can make this claim?
  • Three Generations in Business - Nearly 100 Years - We have been reconstructing moisture damaged homes for more than 50 years, and all of them were originally built and sided by someone else. Who else can make this claim?
  • Donnelly Ownership and Operations Management are on the Job - even though our highly skilled field management is on site at all times, senior management will continuously review the process. Who else really does this?
  • Donnelly Design and Remodeling Personnel are Available for Consultation - if you need assistance planning changes from your original design, we can help without having to introduce an outside third party or sub-contractor. Who else can make this claim?
  • Creation of Critical Protective Barriers Inside Your Home - At all times during the demolition process your family will be protected from dust, mold, and other contaminants. Who else can make this claim?
  • Dumpsters on Wheels will be Removed from the Job Site Whenever Necessary - If you are planning an event, or if you need the dumpster moved for any reason, it can be done; it is ours and it is on wheels. Who else can make this claim?
  • Complete Clean up of Job Site Every Day - It's not difficult because we keep it clean while working. Who else really does this?
  • All Types of Replacement Siding are Available - Our tradition is that of a stucco company, but we can, and have, installed every other type of siding including James Hardie plank and shake, cedar, vinyl, aluminum, brick, and stone. Who else can make this claim?
  • Documentation of Repairs - Throughout the process, and hopefully in conjunction with your own independent engineer, we will photograph and explain every detail of the renovation. All of this information will be available for you, and arrangements can be made for a complete book & CD. Impeccable documentation will facilitate the future sale of your home. Who else can make this claim?
  • Storage of Forensic Evidence - We have a facility where we store evidence. Our documentation and procedures throughout the process ensure a proper chain of custody in the event a settlement is still being negotiated. Who else can make this claim?
  • Integrity and our Commitment to Exceed Your Expectations - Everyone makes this claim; we have an extensive reference list proving it.
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