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Tyvek® - is used to increase air and water resistance, helping to lower heating and cooling costs in buildings and providing better protection against water and moisture intrusion. The unique qualities of Tyvek® help stop air flow through wall cavities; help hold out bulk water and wind-driven rain; and allow moisture vapor to escape from inside walls. The result is a more comfortable, energy-efficient building with far fewer chances for damage from degradation effects. Learn more about Tyvek >>

Hardie Board - is primarily made of concrete. It is a fibrous concrete board that termites don't eat. Hardie Board is impervious to moisture. You can put it in a pail of water and leave it for as long as you like and it will not become saturated. It takes paint very well and comes pre-primed. It comes in many designs and patterns that will compliment any style home. Learn more about James Hardie company >>

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