Donnelly Stucco Water Damage Remodeling

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Donnelly Stucco Home Remodeling

Donnelly Stucco - Job Process Checklist

Donnelly Stucco has been providing stucco siding for four generations. Part of our artistry stems from the fact that we have created a systematic approach to stucco that ensures that the end product is beautiful but also that the disruption to your home and life are kept to a minimum.

Prepare the exterior and interior of the house and yard for stucco.

Before we start a project we will get the necessary permits, prepare the work space to keep it confined and minimize disruption to your life. Every night we will clean up again to minimize the disruption to your daily life. This is part of the Donnelly Stucco Difference. Scaffold is set around the home. Flowers are boxed to avoid damaging. Trailers and construction equipment are put into place. Internal work spaces and any areas where duct and mold may enter are sealed with plastic wrap.

scaffolding for stucco stucco squares
Set up scaffolding
Protect interior
Cut out squares

Dismantle exterior and replace wall assembly systems

Square cuts are made into the existing stucco and then torn off the home. Damaged sheathing and insulation are removed and replaced where necessary. Bad studs, headers and framing members are replaced as necessary. Soffits may be removed to ensure building paper reaches the rafters. Roof to wall termination should be inspected for flashing and kick outs.

remove old stucco remove sheathing replace studs
Remove old stucco
Remove sheathing
Replace studs

Replace Windows and Fully Install Tyvek

Windows are removed and the opening is wrapped with Tyvek. Flex wrap is put on the bottom of the window. The window frame is caulked before the window is installed. The window is installed, wrapped, and taped on the outside. One more layer of Tyvek Stucco Wrap is installed on the exterior.

Wrap in Tyvek
Metal lath acts as a base
Apply base coat


Final Stages of Stucco

Cover Tyvek with metal lath. Apply leveling coat of grey cement sandy finish to provide a mechanical key for the next coat. The next "cover coat" will give the stucco the color background and bonding for finish coat. Finally, the texture coat and color will be completed to the specifications of the customer. (See stucco samples.)

Add accents
Enjoy your new home


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