Donnelly Stucco Water Damage Remodeling

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Donnelly Stucco Home Remodeling
Water Damage Repair & Restoration - Making Your Home Beautiful Again
Recovering from an Accident?

From wet windows,,,

wet window finished stucco.

finished stucco is a legal resource for Minnesota homeowners living in a "wet house" - a home that has construction or stucco defects resulting in water intrusion, mold or other damage. Sponsored by the law firm of Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC.

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Donnelly Stucco restores and repairs homes suffering the consequences of improper construction - incorrect window installation, incorrect flashing, inadequate home wrap, or other mishap resulting in water damage to the interior of the wall often causing rot and possibly mold.

Signs that your House has Water Damage

Sometimes water damage is caused by an incident - a water pipe breaks, bad weather causes exposure or ice dams leave you with roof damage. Other times water damage develops over time - and that can be more difficult to diagnose. Here are some typical signs that you have or soon will have troubles:

  • Leaky windows: often a sign of incorrect window installation
  • Discoloration on ceiling or walls: often a sign of leaky roof, possibly due to ice dams in the winter
  • Rotting wood on roof: can be caused by poor water drainage away from the roof when kick out flashing allows water behind the stucco, rotting out the wood beneath
  • Apparent water seepage on the exterior of the house: can be caused by stucco that is below grade, which allows water to wick up a wall from the ground up

Two Steps to Remediation

The first step to water damage restoration is to fix the problem; the second step is to reconstruct your room or house so that it looks and feels better than new. Donnelly Stucco will go into your house to assess the damage and create a plan for cleaning up the mess and correcting any causes of problems.

We will talk with you about visions of your dream house to see how we can create a plan for restoration that not only gives you what you need - but what you want. We will re-build the rooms or an entire house to your specifications.

What's your next step?

Contact us for an estimate for water damage repair and restoration.

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