Donnelly Stucco Water Damage Remodeling

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Donnelly Stucco Home Remodeling

Water Damage Repair & Restoration Process

Regardless of the cause of problem, water damage repair requires two stages of restoration:

  • Clean up the water damaged materials and correct offending issues if necessary
  • Restore the old home to look (smell and feel) like new
Before we start a project we will get the necessary permits, prepare the work space to keep it confined and minimize disruption to your life. Every night we will clean up again to minimize the disruption to your daily life. This is part of the Donnelly Stucco Difference...

Clean Up Water Damaged Rooms or Areas

Our top priority is to make your home safe. So we'll remove old sheathing, remove soffits or replace wet, rotted windows if necessary.

wet window
Remove old sheathing
Remove soffits
Wet Window

Correct Structural Problems in the Home

If the damage has occurred due to incorrectly install windows, poor insulated roofs, or other structural problems (as opposed to accident or natural disaster), we will work to correct the problems. Donnelly Stucco is known by both homeowners and vendors as a company that knows how to do it right. We have been certified by vendors to install their products because we have undergone their training or have tested out of training because of our proven expertise and experience.

Wrap Kickouts
Wrap Foundation
Wrapped Windows
Wrap kick outs
Wrap Foundation
Wrapped Window

Restore the Home to New

Once the structure is carefully wrapped in Tyvek, lath is applied. The brown (base) coat of the stucco is applied next. Once the structural work is complete, accents are added to the home. Finally, a finishing coat is applied with the texture and color of your choice. (Check out the stucco texture and colors options.)

Lath base coat house accents
Lath application
Base coating
Finish stucco

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Contact Donnelly Stucco if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment for consultation.

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